H P Batik Studio Barbados
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6hr Batik Workshop Gallery

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Kay and Nick batik workshop

Dear Henderson, Happy New Year to you! We had a wonderful experience with you and Veronica at the Batik Studio Workshop in December. Despite the fact that neither of us had drawn since leaving school (which was a long time ago!) with your excellent help and guidance we both managed to produce reasonable batik prints. If you remember, we are planning to make a couple of our designs up into cushion covers for our grandchildren. It was a great, fun and unusual way to enjoy some quality Bajan time during our holiday - with lunch and refreshments thrown in! Kay and Nick.

fun batik workshop Dear Mr. Reece, thank you for the fun batik workshop! We all learnt a lot and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm hoping to get some basic materials, practice and eventually go back for an 'advanced' class :-) Best regards. G.